10 Foods That Help You Shed Pounds

9. Celery

Several experts claim that celery tends to pile up harmful calories, now while that is not entirely truth, it is also not entirely false. You see, celery mainly consists of water, and it only has 6 calories in each stalk. However, despite its incredibly low calorie concentration, celery is the perfect vegetable to promote feelings of satiety and fullness since it packs up a powerful dose of fiber.

Celery is one of the most nutritious vegetables, it provides the body high doses of vitamins A, C and K, along with heaps of folate.

You can add it to your salads, casseroles, grilled recipes and even your pastas. It aids weight loss by filling you up with fiber and curbing your appetite without piling up any calories.

Celery For Weight Loss
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10. Green peppers

Even though they are packed with flavour and create a hearty meal, bell peppers actually consist of a whopping 92% water. This not only makes them a splendidly dense pick to watch your calories and fill up your appetite without piling up calories, but also, they are a powerful source of essential antioxidants.

If you want to make a scrumptiously satiating dinner, start adding them to your grilled meats, salads, casseroles and baked delights. You can even munch on some raw bell pepper slices for a nutritious and filling low-calorie snack.

Is Spicy Food Good For Weight Loss
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