10 Ways To Relieve Red Skin Conditions

2. Go with Jojoba

Try jojoba oil if coconut oil does not suit you. This is another kind of oil. It can use as a replacement. It is more like wax. The jojoba oil goes deeply into the skin. Our skin secretes the same form of molecular oil. It can heal the effects of dryness, redness, or pimples. The molecular formal of this oil will act as natural oil that hides the dry skin on your face and makes it glowing skin.

All oils carry fatty acids. Fatty acids are always in the form of chain. In jojoba oil, the best thing about this product is it carry fatty alcohols. Fatty alcohols act as extra moisturizer agent. Do not be afraid of alcohols it’s just artificial ingredient. They only work on the dead skin.

Jojoba oil will easily absorb when you apply it on your skin smoothly. It gives you the good smell.

3. Make a soothing butter

You have to take few items to make a homemade cream to apply on red skin. First, take butter. Add some beeswax. Less measure of coconut oil. Few drops of jojoba oil. Because oil can act fast deep down the skin. Add lavender. Mix this entire thing. After mixing it properly, now pour this product into a glass bottle. The glass jar must airtight.

Apply this cream for one week. You will see many effects on your skin. To treat your dead, dry, irritable skin always prefers butter. Butter will give you a smoothing affect to your skin. It will make the dry and red skin beautiful.

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