12 Power Foods That Boost Immunity

7. Beef

Research reveals that zinc deficiency is one of the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies found in American adults, particularly those who are vegetarians or avoid consuming beef, which happens to be a major source of zinc, a powerful immunity boosting mineral. Even a mild case of zinc deficiency can put your body at great risk of inviting unwanted bacteria and infection.

The daily consumption of zinc is essential for the healthy production of white blood cells, the immune system cells that identify and eliminate all invasive viruses and bacteria. Therefore, adding zinc-rich foods and supplements to your diet is essential, particularly if you already have a zinc deficiency.

Be sure to consume at least one 3-oz portion of lean beef thrice a week, as it will brim you up with an impressive 30% of your recommended daily dosage of zinc, which is more than sufficient to overcome the deficiency and boost up your immune system.

8. Fortified Cereals

If you don’t consume meat, poultry or beef, you must load up your required daily intake of zinc and other minerals by stocking up on fortified cereals. Most popular varieties of fortified cereals are capable of providing you your entire daily dosage of zinc with just one bowl.

For instance, a bowl of the Kellogg’s Smart Star or even the General Mills Whole Grain Total packs up a whopping 15mg of zinc. On the other hand, a 3-ounce portion of beef packs up just 7mg of zinc.

Be sure to consume at least one bowl of fortified cereal in the morning, it will energize your body and boost your immunity.

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