Eat These 13 Power Foods For The Ultimate High Blood Pressure Diet

4. Tilapia

This succulent white fish is brimming with a wide assortment of essential minerals, and a four-ounce serving can give your body a whopping 8% of potassium and magnesium required in a day. Tilapia has an extremely low concentration of hazardous environmental toxins, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and mercury. It is a very eco-friendly and sustainable choice for a light, and nutritious meal.

You can grill it, sauté it with scintillating seasoning of aromatic herbs and bake it with a kiwi and avocado salsa sauce to amplify the density of minerals. Tilapia is widely available in all fish stores, farmer’s markets and supermarkets throughout the US all year-round.

You can pick out fresh varieties from fish farms that serve plant-based diets, or even frozen fillets from your local grocery store.

Is Fish Good for Weight Loss
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5. Kiwifruit

Named after Kiwi, the native bird of New Zealand as its brown skin resembles the fuzzy peel of this fruit, Kiwifruits are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, providing an even richer density than oranges. All you need is one kiwifruit that provide you 9% of your daily intake of potassium, 7% of your daily magnesium, and 2% of calcium you need daily.

Kiwifruits are widely available in supermarkets and farmer’s markets throughout the year. From November to May, you can shop Californian kiwifruit, while New Zealand kiwifruit is prevalent in the markets during June till October. You can easily store ripe kiwis on the kitchen counter or freeze them in refrigerator.

Kiwi Diet Weight Loss
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