Eat These 13 Power Foods For The Ultimate High Blood Pressure Diet

6. Peaches & Nectarines

Eating one medium-sized nectarine or a ripe peach can provide your body a whopping 8% of your daily potassium requirements, 3% of your magnesium needs, and 1% calcium.

It’s advisable to pick out frozen and unsweetened slices of these juicy fruits as opposed to fresh nectarines and peaches for an effective blood pressure-reducing diet.

You can freeze some peaches ahead of time, and toss them into your juices and smoothies.

Do Peaches Have Fiber
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7. White Beans

If you are a strict vegetarian, be sure to consume white beans as they are the best meatless source of protein. You can add these delights to your salads, appetizers, entrees, stews, soups, dip sauces and casseroles. Be sure to pick out well-rinsed low-sodium canned varieties that contain no added salt.

It’s ideal to prepare dried beans in a slow cooker, allowing them to cook overnight. A one cup serving of white beans can provide a whopping 30% of magnesium, 24% of potassium and 13% of calcium required by your body in a day.

Are Beans Unhealthy
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