15 Things that Make You Feel Hot All the Time

Feeling hot can be a result of normal body processes as well as some serious disorders which may be causing an increase in body temperature and may require medical intervention.

Here we list down some of these reasons and give brief explanations of each.

1. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism Make You Feel Hot
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One of the reasons for feeling excessively hot can be your thyroid gland. In a condition called hyperthyroidism, the thyroid makes too much of the hormone thyroxin. This hormone alters the rate at which our body is engaged in creating energy from fuel. When this rate increases we may feel more thirst, hunger as well as increased heart rate and sweatiness. Other symptoms may include diarrhea and rashes too. For women this condition may mean a lighter menstruation cycle and difficulties in conceiving.

2. Menopause

Menopause Make You Feel Hot
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One of the most significant period of changes for a women is around the time she undergoes menopause. It is the time when periods stop permanently. This occurs usually around the age of 50. Hot flashes are commonly experienced by women undergoing menopause. In these hot flashes women experience brief moments of warmth where the body temperature increases.

Increased heart rate and sweating are also commonly associated with menopause. These symptoms can last may years. If the experiences are severe doctors usually recommend hormone replacement therapy and different medications otherwise lifestyle changes can ease the symptoms

3. Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
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Primary ovarian insufficiency occurs when the ovaries in a woman’s body produce less of the hormone strong and don’t release the eggs regularly.

This may lead to a difficulty in getting pregnant and like menopause the person undergoing this may experience hot flashes. You should consult the doctor if you notice any of these symptoms along with dryness in the vaginal area and decrease in sexual desire.

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