4 Ways To Fix Your Cracked Heels At Home

3. Put a socks on it

In market, the special socks lining with silicone gel are available. The silicone gel can absorb extra moisturizer. In winter majority of people complain about heel cracking issues.

The walk bare foot in winter, that is one of the reasons behind such foot damage. The other reasons are people not put socks in summers because of the hot weather. By putting socks in hot weather cause sweating which will cause fungal issues. In winter, people wear socks easily and they are comfortable with this action.

To protect your feet in all seasons first apply cream on your feet. After applying any cream then cover or wrap your feet in socks, plastic sheet, or anything. When you are covering, your feet with plastic put your socks on it through the night. The cream you put on your feet will absorb and your skin in the morning will be fresh and glowing. Do this activity daily in winters.

In summers it will be little difficult so you can follow the alternative ways. The people who are living in hilly areas will do this activity daily to keep their foot free from healing. This is one of the best, easy, and home remedy to protect your deep cuts on feet.

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