5 Super Herbs that Prevent and Cure Diabetes

2. Oregano:

Oregano is sometimes known as marjoram and being used a lot in Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The herb adds flavor and depth to the dishes and tastes delicious when combined with tomatoes, meat and eggplant. Oregano is known for treating parasitic infection and bacteria and oregano oil is used for killing head lice.

According to the recent study, Oregano treats intestine infection caused by microscopic parasites. Oregano reduces the sugar levels in the blood and aids I diabetes. Diabetics are recommended to have oregano sprinkled salad and sandwiches to get benefited.

5 herbs that prevent diabetes
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3. Cinnamon:

It is a popular spice that reduces blood sugar levels in the body. It also reduces weight, and has great overall body health benefits. Cinnamon tea or water is ideally taken by the type 2 diabetics, because it doesn’t only reduce blood sugar levels but it also prevents the diseases from attacking.


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