5 Super Herbs that Prevent and Cure Diabetes

4. Gymnema Sylvestre:

This plant, in India, is commonly known as ‘SUGAR DESTROYER’. It is called because of its abilities to reduce blood sugar levels. The herb is known for reducing the ability of the body to detect sweetness.

Gymnema is known as the most powerful herb that controls diabetes. The herb activates the activity of enzymes. Which helps the cells to use natural glucose of the body and this also stimulates the insulin production. Though, the side effects of this herb is yet not known so it must be taken with care or with expert advice.

5. Sage:

Sage contains a substance known as Phytosterols, which is reputed for having cooling and soothing actions over the body. Herbal medicine experts, use sage to cure cramps and uterine bleeding.

According to the German research, diabetics who consume sage tea early in the morning empty stomach are more likely to reduce blood sugar levels. Sage is being used to spice up meat sauces, soup or salad dressings along with sage tea.


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