5 Healing Herbs and Their Uses

2. Ginger:

Ginger is a great herb to cure many ailments including upset stomach, motion sickness and nausea that happens in pregnancy.

Powerful antioxidant fights with free radicals.

It also helps regulating the blood flow and let the body get fresh blood all over.

Ginger is also beneficial in arthritis pain and inflammation cause by this.

Ginger also helps in losing weight.


Boil water and steep the ginger piece in it for 2-3 minutes and drink ginger tea with lemon drops for treating nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Ginger capsules are also available in 500mg to 1000mg.

3. Holy Basil:

Aids in relieving stress, anxiety, and reduces depression.

Holy Basil tea is ideal for headaches and indigestion.

It is beneficial in preventing in different types of cancers including breast cancer and tumours.


Basil leaves capsules are available in the market, which are used to relief stress and anxiety. Drinking basil leave tea will help in preventing breast cancer, just steep 10-12 fresh leaves in boiling water and drink after 5 minutes Basil leaves are also used in different meals.

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