5 Herbs to Grow Muscle Mass – Muscle Growth

2. Oat Straw

Oat straw is amazingly enriched with magnesium and calcium or should we say these two essential minerals contains some oat straw? The herb is being used to gain mental and body fitness since ancient times. It contains elements like flavones, silicia, saponins, calcium and lots of vitamin A.

This is one of an amazing herb with multi amazing benefits. Strong brain, appetite controller, stimulates the function of livers and kidneys are few front line benefits. Major one is it build strong lean muscles with increased confidence and self-motivation.

3. Fenugreeks

Fenugreek herb or fenugreek seeds are equally important in both Asian and European cuisine. Because of it having a lot of benefits, nice aroma and maple like flavor, fenugreek seeds often made their way towards baked foods, pickles, and regular meals.

As far as their nutritional value is concerned, these tiny seeds are enriched with potassium, ascorbic, hydroxyisoleucine, niacin, choline, and amino acids tryptophan. All these nutrients when combined in fenugreeks, promotes great muscle performance and rapid growth.


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