5 Natural Remedies To Treat Malaria At Home

4. Grape Fruits

Whenever it comes to treat a lot of diseases naturally than fruits and vegetable are considered the best way to do this.

Grape fruits are rich in antioxidants and many essential nutrients which can help one to get rid of malaria fever and nausea caused by the virus.

All you have to do is cut the grape fruit in half and boil in water and strain the pulp from it. The drink is ready to be consumed and it is one of the best herbal and natural home remedy for curing malaria.

5. Alum

Alum is a chemical compound that should be dried and in powdered form to use in malaria treatment.

All you have to do is consume ½ tsp. of alum powder every two hours when the fever attacks. This natural remedy helps you minimizes the symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

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