5 Surprising Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation is a great slang on the planet of health now-a-days yet its sometimes an accomplice to your immune system for the process of healing. White blood cells are sent to infection site where inflammation occurs along with biting pain indicating that you are getting cured.

When do you have to worry for inflammation? According to Cindy Geyer, a medical director at Canyon Ranch, It is when you have acute and long-term inflammations as a response to some external stimuli because then they can be a cause of mental sickness, heart disease, IBS and diabetes.

Chronic inflammations can be a consequence of genetics or stress or pollution but the best part is that you have power to control it via your “diet”. There’re foods that counter attack inflammations but here is a list of 5 surprising foods which trigger them and elongate your healing process.

1. Agave Syrup

In spite of being an amazing and healthier counterpart for sugar. It’s a sweetener containing 85% fructose that can only be metabolized and digested by liver cells in contrast to glucose that’s easily metabolized by any of the body cell. Don’t go for over-intake of agave syrup or else it can trouble your body.

Excess consumption of fructose strains liver by accumulation of tiny droplets of fat in cells of liver. It can lead to non-alcoholic disease of fatty liver impairing and impeding normal functioning of liver.

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