5 Surprising Reasons Why You Feel Nauseous

2. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

In many cases nausea and even abdominal aches occurs because a person is affected by “Pelvic Congestion Syndrome”. Astoundingly, this cause remains undiagnosed in many people. The real cause behind “Pelvic Congestion Syndrome” is a lack of veins in the the pelvis.

The problem is similar to “varicose veins”. The veins in the pelvic area get swollen and dilate hence they occupy more area. These swollen veins because of their larger area push on the organs in abdominal cavity and even bladder.

This causes a multitude of problems but thankfully this problem can be treated easily by doctors.

3. Staying in Stress

We all know how bad stress is for all of us but many of us may not know that stress may also cause nausea and that too very often. This is because stress causes gastritis. Gastritis is when the facing of our stomach gets swollen.

This problem can be easily cured by learning how to deal with stress. This can include anything from physical activity, yoga or even therapy. Also people need to develop good food habits to stay stress free this means consuming food in regular intervals, reducing intake of spices and letting go of caffeine based drinks.

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