5 Surprising Yoga Cures

2. Overeating

There are several amazing yoga poses that aid in promoting weight loss, slimming down and preventing binge eating.

A study attempted to examine these claims on a sample of 90 obese and overweight women who practiced yoga for a period of 12 weeks. The results revealed a 50% decrease in overeating, and compared to the control group, the yoga-practicing women also reported to be 26% more likely to follow their diet plans.

Moreover, they also reported to feeling much more alert and physically active.

3. Memory Loss

Practicing yoga is also effective at eliminating the symptoms of memory loss to sharpen mental health and enhance concentration.

Researchers studied a sample of 30 adults who practiced yoga for a period of eight weeks. After which, the researchers conducted several tests that exhibited a marked improvement in their concentration, short-term memory and multi-tasking along with other cognitive health measures.

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