5 Ways To Sneak More Fiber Into Your Diet

4. Shirataki Pasta

Shirataki pasta is the healthy food for everyone. It is a thin thread like noodles. It carries 16 kinds of amino acids. Shirataki pasta has fiber, glucomannan, carbohydrate and has low calories. Noodles have versatile food. There are many forms and texture of pasta.

Pasta is the favorite food item of every person that belongs to different age group. Pasta is the form of wheat grain that carries non-gluten. The special thing about shirataki pasta is it does not contain any extra calories. Therefore, for the people who are afraid of weight gain they can add pasta in their weekly menu. It also helps those who are suffering from obesity.

People who are on dieting if they want to eat pasta they switch to the alternative food like shirataki pasta to satisfy their bodily desire. This pasta has vegetables and natural ingredients. Shirataki pasta helps the person to cut weight.

The research shows that pasta contains glucomannan that helps the person to keep up insulin level. This balance level of insulin prevents human body against diabetes. It is the alternative form of boost fiber, which can boost the energy level of body organs and keep human body healthy.

The most important function, which shirataki fibers to do that controls the gastrointestinal regulation in the human body. If sometimes people eat beyond the limit, it will be compensating by doing exercise daily.

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