6 GMO Myths You Need To Stop Believing

3. Myth: We need GMOs to control weeds and pests.

In reality, GMOs have created severe problems of pests. The seeds produced by this technology have the capacity to either withstand heavy dosages of chemical pesticides or to create their own pesticide inside plant.

Approximately 154million acres of genetically engineered soy, sugar beets, canola, alfalfa and cotton were developed to resist chemical herbicide sprays. Nearly 1/3rd of that area presently quays superweeds, that are not even killed by GMOs chemical.

4. Myth: GMOs are safe for the environment.

GMOs are greatly influencing several species such as Monarch butterflies. Glyphosate chemical has reduced the reproduction of Monarch butterflies as this chemical destroys milkweed plants that are the only food for baby Monarch butterflies.

Neonicotinoid insecticides are coated in GMOs that stay inside the pollen. These neonicotinoids cause neurological issues in bees.

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