6 GMO Myths You Need To Stop Believing

5. Myth: GMO technology is reliable and safe

Presently, GMO technology is in the developing phase and it should not be considered reliable. There is very low possibility of inserting an outside gene into the similar location of a plant twice. Such an insertion can result in unknown traits that can be harmful for human health.

Biotechnologists just have limited information about the cellular, genetic and biochemical functioning of crop species.

6. Myth: GMO ingredients are safe to eat.

Adequate tests are not yet performed to determine the long-term impacts of GMO ingredients on human health. So far, tests are only conducted to find out the calories, vitamins, protein and fat content of genetically engineered foods.

A study conducted on mammals has revealed that the genetically engineered soybeans or corns have negatively affected their liver, bone marrow and kidney. Another study found that higher levels of glyphosate can cause obesity, diabetes, heart problems and circulation issues.

Stop believing these myths about GMO in order to protect whole environment and human health.

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