6 Herbs and Spices That Aids Weight Loss

5. Dandelions:

Dandelion is considered to be annoying weed by many garden experts but it is getting more and more popular among chefs and nutritional experts because of its health benefits and taste. It adds flavor to drinks and meals.

Dandelion is rich in minerals like potassium and iron, contains several vitamins like A. C and E. Dandelions has special effects in weight loss.

6. Garlic:

Garlic sometimes cause stinky breath but it has some weight loss benefits too. According to a research conducted on a mice, in the period of 7 weeks, a mice who consumed garlic lost more weight than the one who don’t.

Though there’s no research on human related to its weight lose benefits but it is confirmed that garlic has no side effects but all good things. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and reduces cholesterol that ultimately aids in weight loss.

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