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A lot of people have histamine xenophobia that causes severe allergies, inflammation problems, cell activation syndromes and what not. People get tired of this side effects of histamines. But the good thing is there are some natural alternative foods that aids in the problem without causing any side effects like headaches, drowsiness, nausea or dizzy feelings. These symptoms appear with conventional approaches and many antihistamines helps to prevent symptoms linked with super active immune system.

These natural antihistamine foods and herbs also aids in allergy symptoms like sinus, chest congestion, itchy eyes, sore breathing and skin irritation etc.

These natural foods boosts the mast cell activities, enhances nutritional reserves and reduces the overall symptoms without causing any other side effect. Just use them in your regular meals, make teas, or consume raw with water.

6 Natural Antihistamine Foods

List of foods and herbs for natural cure.

1. Onions

Spring onions of humble onions, both are incredible foods, enriched with nutrients and essential prebiotic properties. It is often said that after travelling to another city of country consume that place’s onion first to avoid several viral diseases and infection that too is because of its strong prebiotic properties. Onions are best known to constraint histamine releases, soothes the mast-cells and improves their workings and reduces the levels of histamine in blood. It also helps to avoid histamine reactions like breathing, congestion, and inflammation problems.

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