7 Surprising Foods to Make Your Bones Healthy and Strong

4. Prunes

A recent research reveals that consuming prunes regularly helps fortify the health of the bones, and reduces the risk factors that lead to the development of osteoporosis.

Basically, prunes are rich in phenolic compounds that aid in signalling the cells to raise the formation of the bones. Moreover, prunes are also rich in vitamin K, along with boosting several nutrients that boost the health of the gut.

Another research attempted to study these benefits by giving five to six prunes to a sample of postmenopausal women with low density each day for a period of six months. It aided in preventing the symptoms of bone loss.

5. Plain Yogurt

Most people believe that Greek yogurt is the healthiest but experts always recommend the consumption of plain yogurt over Greek yogurt because it packs up a much higher concentration of calcium. Basically, in Greek yogurt, the extra whey is strained out, which makes the Greek varieties much thicker, creamier and richer in protein, however, it decreases its calcium content.

Regular or plain yogurt provides twice the amount of the essential bone-fortifying mineral calcium as opposed to Greek yogurt.

Research reveals that plain yogurt provides around 263-275 milligrams of calcium, while Greek yogurt provides only 180-212 milligrams of calcium.

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