7 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Constipated

2. Fried Foods

Research reveals that a high-fat diets make the digestive system more likely to experience blockages, because food items that are rich in fats tend to lack sufficient amounts of fiber. Moreover, a rich concentration of fats poses a lot of pressure on the stomach and takes a great amount of time to digest.

Fats also require a longer time to become fully digested and excreted, on the other hand, fruits and vegetables get digested, absorbed and excreted within less than 24 hours.

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of constipation, it is highly advisable to avoid all fried, processed and packaged foods, along with foods prepared with oils and butters.

Most Unhealthy Fast Food
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3. White Flour

Carbohydrates always get a bad name when it comes to digestive health and constipation when they’re actually quite gut-friendly, but when you’re suffering from constipation, it is highly advisable to avoid eating white flour, and even fried foods that are battered with white flour.

You see, white flour does not contain sufficient amounts of fiber, so if you are consuming white flour regularly without accompanying it with vegetables and fruits, your bowel movements are highly likely to become irregular.

It is essential to switch between whole grains, high-fiber carbs and other grain varieties to keep a healthy variety of carbohydrates in your meal. Add them to your diet with tasty treats, such as wheat berries, oatmeal or farro.

White Flour Allergy
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