7 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Constipated

6. Rice

Rice is an extremely beneficial food item that soothes the digestive system because of its lightweight texture that doesn’t take a lot of effort in digestion, and passes through quickly.

Rice pack up a mindful moderation of carbohydrates, but white rice varieties tend to pack up much fewer fibrous elements as opposed to brown rice, which tend to be much healthier.

Experts believe that brown rice varieties are much more gut-friendly than the white ones, however, if you are suffering from the symptoms of diarrhea, white rice can help soothe your digestive system.

Does Rice Cause Constipation
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7. Apricots

Fruits are loaded with heaps of nutrients and a powerful dose of fiber, however, if you’re experiencing the symptoms of irregular bowel movements, be sure to steer clear of apricots and foods containing apricots.

The consumption of dried apricots can prove to be even more aggressive for your digestive system, because they tend to be more binding, and we all have a tendency to over-consume dried fruits as opposed to fresher large fruits.

If you manage to consume an excessive amount of fiber, it can cause serious trouble within your GI tract.

Fiber in Dried Apricots
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