Work Out Your Legs and Butt with These 8 Exercises

For adding intensity to the lower body workout, ankle weights are a great fitness tool.

Ankle weights provide an accessible way for performing the training exercises anywhere and are easy to carry around. They can be used for light training and rehabilitation of injuries as well as providing resistance.

Dumbbells add difficulty by growing stronger for the upper body as well as lower body workouts.

Work Out Your Legs and Butt with These Exercises
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Ankle weights make muscles more strengthened, shaped, harder and lifted. They help to tighten up and strengthen the legs and round up the butt.

Work Out Your Legs and Butt with These 8 Exercises That Use Ankle Weights

To get working out legs and butt using Ankle weights, the following are the exercises.

1. The Legs and Butt Workout

This is started by lying down on your right side raising your left leg straightly as much high as you can do. Repeat this same procedure with the other leg.

Legs and Butt Workout
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