9 Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression is one of the most common psychological problems of this century. Depression is something you feel lonely, depress, mood changes, sleeplessness. In depression, people face two weeks of mood changes episodes. In these episodes, they want to harm themselves. Their aggressive behavior is the major reason behind such activity. They show anger toward their friends, family, siblings, and the people surrounding them.

The total duration for the diagnosis is 12 months most limit. At least the person is facing this problem last 6 months. In a week, the duration of crying spell is about 3 day per week. They stop talking, stop eating, lying in bed all the day. They face insomnia and hypersomnia problem. They cannot sleep if they are least interested in work. Hypersomnia is due to hyperactive and anxiety they cannot sleep over the night.

People who are suffering from depression, combine with different other disorders. They mostly show symptoms of hyperactivity, conduct disorder, autism spectrum, and selective mitism. They are going through manic and hypomania episode. In mania there is total duration is about one year. 6 months for children is the minimum criteria. In adults, total duration is 2 years. For adults should cover or show symptoms in complete one year.

People diagnose with depression doctor prescribe them anti-depressant. They work on the serotonin level. Serotonin level is released in excessive amount. The anti-depressant effects their brain function. According to research that shows, 4 percent of women, and 8 percent of the women are suffering from depression every year. The depression is the most evolving problem in the 21st century. People who get motivated and give a reason to live will cope with depression.

Depression needs proper medical care and treatment. People who are suffering from depression not only be treated with medications but also the therapies or home remedies. Few people start different natural treatments like yoga, meditation or avoid such situation, which causes depression. Natural things will affect more than the medication. In depressive people, lack of motivation is the major issue.

There are some natural or home base ways you can treat depression simply.

1. Cannabidiol

Over 350 million people all around the world suffer from depression. To treat depression psychologist use cannabinoid substances. Until now, researches are conducting to verify the use of cannabinoid substances. In depression, that caused by stress can treat with this natural occurring medicine. It carries chemical that is beneficial for treatment. It controls the motor coordination, mood swings, mood disorders, panic attacks, sleeplessness, and other major issues in the body. According to a research, reporting in journal clearly says that cannabinoid is used in reducing joint problem; stop the unnecessary inflammation of cells, seizures and brain dysfunctions. It is not effective on the serious patients who are suffering from different disorders like schizophrenia and OCD. 71 percent of the depressive patients reported no side effects of this substance but 6 percent reported some problems like fever, coughing, and vomit.

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