Best Coconut Oil Uses, Benefits & Weight Loss

Coconut is a very popular palm family fruit that grows in coastal areas of the region. It is available easily around the world. Coconut is not just tasty and unique kind of fruit but it also has a cure for dozens of chronic diseases. It is beneficial for physical beauty like skin, hair and nails. It is also one of the most used element in beauty products like shampoos and make-up cosmetics. Coconut is not just used as a fruit but its oil is also beneficial for certain purposes and it is recommended by the health experts that one should replace vegetable oil with coconut oil in cooking, in order to fight the diseases like hypertension, stomach problems, cardiovascular diseases, natural weight loss, and to prevent cancer etc. It is recommended to use it for best coconut oil uses, benefits and weight loss purpose.

Coconut oil is also known for making your hair long, smooth, shiny and to prevent hair loss and dandruff plus it is a great treatment for dry, itchy and irritating scalp. It is one of the most important ingredient of make-up cosmetic because it leaves your skin soft and supple, reduces blemishes and dryness, and improves complexion etc.

Coconut and coconut oil has all the possible benefits for human body, because it is rich in many essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and a lot of fibre. Following are the detailed benefits of coconut oil:

8 Best Coconut Oil Uses

1. Good Cholesterol

HDL is a ‘Good’ cholesterol in the body while LDL is a ‘Bad’ one. Coconut oil is enriched in saturated fats that reduces the level of LDL in the body and regulate the enough amount of HDL. And this combination is healthy for heart health by preventing heart strokes and attacks, and for regulating blood pressure.

2. Boost Metabolism

Coconut oil has this super power to control appetite. It boosts your metabolism that trigger the fat burn process by making you feel fuller for longer. And reduced appetite will help you consume lesser calories to lose weight.

3. Resist Cancer Causing Cells

A kind of nutritional diet known as ‘KETOGENIC’ diet. It is recommended by the health experts and doctors to give your body power to resist the attack of cancer causing cells. KETONES are the special substances found in coconut oil. So that’s how it helps in preventing several kinds of cancer cells to enter in the body.

4. Boost of Energy & Weight Loss

Coconut oil itself is rich in several minerals. So it helps the body to absorb essential minerals and vitamins and gives instant boost of energy to the body. Weight loss is all about calories. Coconut oil works so well for weight loss. Make it a habit to use coconut oil in your everyday cooking.

5. Strengthening Immune System

Coconut oil in cooking, strengthen the immune system and gives power to the body to fight with bacterial attacks from outside the body.

6. Good for Skin & Body

We often face problems like dull or dead skin, wrinkles, pre-mature aging and dull complexion. Despite having a lot of beauty products in market if you want something natural, original and with long lasting results, try some coconut oil. Use coconut oil in place of daily moisturizer every time you wash your face. It help you to remove tan spots, wrinkles and brown spots and will give ultimate glow to your skin, use as make-up remover and DIY scrub (just mix coconut oil with sugar).

7. Good for Hair Growth

The world we are living in is synthetic and this thing affects our hair to great extent by making them dull, dry, and frizzy and cause hair loss. Coconut is a best natural remedy that strengthens the hair strands from root to tip, leaving them strong, shiny, and manageable and increase hair growth. This is the best coconut oil uses.

8. Reduces Inflammation

It also has soluble fat in it that reduces indigestion problem and stomach ulcer and inflammation caused by this.

Coconut Oil Uses
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