12 Best Foods for Arthritis and Joint Pain

8. Go With The Grains

To be precise in your diet may help you to treat arthritis. Grains will help you to increase the level of calcium and stop the inflammation of bones in the body. Replace your diet plan with grains, brown bread, and cereals.

Intake of food which is not suitable for you may cause damage to your bones and also cause joint pain. By removing the two outer parts of the grain the centered part called endosperm carries all the nutrient and vitamin. The refined grain contains only the centered part.

The patients of arthritis should take the inner part which helps the cells to fight against the germs and virus. Grain carries more calories than anything.

9. Sink into Some Citrus

As we talk about the fruits, oranges contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly beneficial for the patients of arthritis. Vitamin C stops the inflammation or bone issues.

The patient who is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis usually uses maximum amount of citrus. It also maintains the immune system and uses in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Other than oranges, grapes and lime are enriching with citrus.


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