12 Best Foods for Arthritis and Joint Pain

10. Break out the Beans

Beans are the major source of proteins. It also contains fibers which provide energy to the whole body including bones. Along with bones it also helps the muscles to strength up. Beans are rich with proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, zinc, potassium, calcium, and folic acid.

It will help or provide energy to all cells. The cells utilize this energy and nutrients to maintain the immune system and prevent the body from many diseases like arthritis, heart attack, blood pressure, and stroke.

11. Grab the Garlic

Garlic belongs to the family allium. A study proves that people who take garlic on a daily basis it will help them to protect their selves from arthritis in early ages. There is no age limit for arthritis.

Along with garlic, onion is also an essential item, which acts as an antioxidant to prevent the human body cells from fighting against the arthritis. Researchers say or believe that garlic and onion contain diallyl disulphide. It is a compound which protects the human bones from cartilage and bone weak. It will help in treating osteoarthritis.


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