12 Best Foods for Arthritis and Joint Pain

12. Nosh on Nuts

Nuts are the productive items. It contains protein, fibers, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin E. Nuts carry alpha linolenic acid. Walnuts and pine nuts recommend by the doctors to cure the arthritis issues. It is also beneficial for heart disease, diabetic patients, muscular issues, kidney issues, and stroke. It also helps the enzymes to work properly.

Nuts have a low level of sodium so it can’t be harmful for bones. Excessive use of salts and sodium cause bone inflammation and decrease the level of calcium in the bones. Almonds have a high level of protein and fiber than other nuts.

Researchers suggest that the diet which is enriching with almond is the best source of taking calcium for bone. Pistachios, Chia seeds, Almonds, and peanuts are some type of nuts. These nuts can be used by the patient of arthritis.


According to the studies or medical researchers, the patients of arthritis are not bound to avoid specific items in food. They have no particular diet plan for them. They use those important things or items that are beneficial to cure arthritis disease or provide calcium to the bone and make immune system strong. The symptoms and signs shown or can easily identify if a person is suffering from arthritis or inflammation of bones, swelling of bones, loss of appetite, gland issues, sweating, weight loss and sleep disturbance.

Arthritis also causes dysfunction in different other organs of the body like enlargement of the liver. It also causes lung issues. Due to the pain in kidney, that also slows down the urination process and became painful process. The patients already have enough weight feel pressure on their bones in arthritis. By doing exercise daily and control your diet arthritis patient can cure their problem up to 40%. Weight loss will keep them healthy.


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