Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

2. Increase Lactation:

Breast feeding mothers usually face problem in lactation and in that case fenugreek seeds are something they must have. Diosgenin in fenugreek seeds, is responsible for increasing lactation in breast feeding mommies.

Have tsp. of fenugreek powder or soaked seeds every morning with water or warm cup of milk.

3. Aids in Heart burn:

When the food comes back in food pipe, it causes heart burn, inflammation or acid reflux. Fenugreek seeds are known to soothe the irritated issues and intestines while treating inflammation and heart burn.

Soak 1 tbsp. of the seeds in water overnight, drink its water in the morning after straining the seeds.

 4. Ease in child-birth:

Fenugreek seeds reduces labour pain and ease in child birth by stimulating uterine contractions. Despite having this benefit, it is still not recommended to take excess amount of it because it can cause premature child birth or even miscarriages. Consult your doctor before taking fenugreek seeds in pregnancy and for reducing labour pain.

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