5 Natural Libido Booster Herbs – Effective In Cold Season Too

Gaining sex drive is very important in everybody’s life. Therefore add 5 natural libido booster herbs to your diet. There herbs not only enhance additional libido but also effective in combating common cold problems such as flu and sickness. These herbs include but not limited to sage, rosemary, ginger, garlic and thyme.

Herbs either fresh or dried, contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that helps in treating many discomforts and diseases, when taken in appropriate amount. As we know, winter is already knocking on the doors and so is cold and flu. You don’t have to depend too much on drugs if you are aware of the benefits and use of certain kitchen herbs. All the herbs are beneficial for several problems but there are certain herbs that can fight with cold and flu like no other. These herbs also improve sex drive to great extent. But before taking any of them you must consult your doctor because health comes first.

Following are the 5 most beneficial herbs for libido boost and for ailing common cold and flu:

1. Thyme:

Thyme is natural herb and it increases blood to your sexual organs, give you more stamina and stimulates your sex drive.

Same like rosemary, thyme is also a part of Mediterranean mint family. In ancient times, it was also treated as sacred herb, associated with courage. In Ancient times, Greeks used thyme to appeal bravery and barbaric soldiers were be-gifted twigs of thyme herb for courage.

Thyme has anti-bacterial properties against different types of bacteria and upper respiratory problems. It is also beneficial for treating coughs and colds. It is enriched in anti-microbial, expectorant, anti-catarrhal and anti-viral properties that also protects lungs, treats flu, cold, cough, and all kinds of respiratory infections.

Recipe: Add 3 tsps. Of fresh thyme in boiling water and steep before drinking. Use 1- ½ tsps. If using dried herb.

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