Surprise! These 6 Foods Are Great For Your Heart

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is great breakfast. If you are taking yogurt in breakfast it will satisfy your hunger as well as good for your health. Yogurt has a healthy microbiome that is associated with the healthier heart. If you are taking 7 ounces of yogurt daily reduces heart disease risk proved by the recent Chinese analysis.

Yogurt is rich in Probiotics that is good for your gut and heart. It is better to use yogurt without sugar but if you are taste conscious then honey or little bit sugar can be added. According to a research, the people who consume higher fat dairy products have greater heart health than the people who eat the fat-free stuff.

5. Beer

Here is good news for beer lovers. In a British analysis, it is proved that red wine and heart health is associated. All types of alcohol including white wine, beer, and liquor may lower the chances of heart disease. But it kept in view that too much drinking proves fatal for health.

In the British analysis, about two million people were taken in which 56% were non-drinkers and more likely to die unexpectedly from heart disease. These 56% were compared with those who drank most days. The key, of course, is moderation since too much drinking can increase heart disease risk.

Again the ration of taking beer in man and woman is also different. A man should not take more than two drinks and a woman should not take more than one drink. So moderation is necessary not only in this case but also in consuming everything.


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