Why Women Have More Digestive Problems Than Men?

Science has got an answer to your observation of why more women are dealing with a gut problem every passing day than men? A guy may face stomach issue once a weak or twice a month but a woman may get troubled every two to three days. What creates the difference?

In women, according to a poll that was conducted online by Renew Life, it has been found commonly that women are shy or silent about consulting someone, not even their friends, if they are dealing with a gut issue. 72 % women have admitted that they have experienced digestive problems quite frequently through last few years.

There’s a gut health expert and author of Ellie’s Real Good Food who has been administering the change for a long time in women and provides us the reason behind it and how it can be dealt with efficiently enough.

1. Stressed State of Mind

State of mind has a lot of doing with your gut health, whether it is stress, anger, irritation or a bad mood. You might have heard that your mood swings and negative words or thoughts change the properties of your food. Science is now providing evidence for it. Krieger clarifies that it is not what you eat that’s creating problems of bloating or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in you, but it is about what you are feeling when you are eating your food. Ellie says that women are more stressed out than men and it creates trouble for the gut.

A recent study showed that women are two times more prone to developing IBS than men. American Psychological Association declares women to be far more stressed out too. If avoiding dairy products, gluten and sugar isn’t proving to be helpful then make sure if you are mentally relaxed or not. Go for some yoga or a massage to relax the muscles of your mind and make time for yourself to stop worrying over extra stuff.

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