Why Women Have More Digestive Problems Than Men?

2. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal changes aren’t always busy causing acne and mood swings in you. Krieger proposed that hormones are also affecting the bacteria in microbiome by causing yeast infections before periods in women because of changes in pH level. It’s because good and bad bacteria are found in your vagina as it does in your gut.

Though a lot of people avoid medicines but especially for women’s health, a probiotic is synthesized to maintain hormones and pH level balance in the body. Krieger suggested Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotic with about 10 bacterial strains of acidophilus, lactobacillus etc which promote the health of vagina. You’ll greatly be assisted by probiotic intake which will provide you relief from your gut problems.

3. Sense of Embarrassment

A sense of embarrassment is associated with gut health by women. It’s sometimes named as shyness but society puts a pressure upon women through social norms not to share such problems so casually or else people might make fun of them. Men openly joke about bloating, farts etc. without getting criticized of being “ill-mannered” or not having some “etiquettes”. Common problems with women are anxiety and worries about everything they put their hands on which upset their stomach and create digestive problem.

A man burping or farting in public is funny and normal but if a woman burps a little, it’s stigmatized and criticized. Gut problems shouldn’t be a tabooed topic because they are normal and most women are facing them. Societal norms need to be redefined and people should become more understanding towards one other.

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